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Wynlife Product Quality Proclamation

From the Beginning, Wynlife’s business philosophy is centered on providing products with quality that is second to none.  In the competitive nutritional supplements market, Wynlife has set itself apart by insisting on pharmaceutical-grade production and the most rigorous research standards. This attitude has enabled Wynlife to establish a corporate image that is both fresh and professional, while emphasizing our superior quality products. We are fast approaching our goal of becoming the “world leader for natural dietary supplements.” By using the highest quality raw materials available and implementing a quality system that requires traceability of all ingredients, we can surpass our competitors and maintain a brand image and value which cannot be equaled.  This is especially important as we set our sights on establishing a global market presence.
Wynlife insists on stringent, pharmaceutical-grade standards for research and throughout every stage of the production process.  We firmly believe quality is based on using the highest quality raw materials available, which in turn reflects our product value.  These three mutually reinforcing principles –quality raw materials, pharmaceutical-grade research, and pharmaceutical-grade production – are the lifeblood of Wynlife’s continued success, and form a beacon which we proudly shine to the world.
Wynlife upholds the highest standards of integrity in sharing our premium quality products with our customers.  Only in this way can the company, its business partners, and customers enjoy success together.  The Product Quality Proclamation is Wynlife’s commitment to the pursuit of long-term, sustainable growth, product quality guarantee, and promise to consumer interests.  This Product Quality Proclamation and its accompanying Quality Proclamation logo will be prominently displayed.
“Premium Ingredients, Premium Results” – For your health, now and in the future.


Wynlife Product Quality Proclamation Logo



Quality Proclamation: Premium Ingredients, Premium Results”


Concept of Logo Design:


A. Primary Color


Green represents pure, highest-quality natural ingredients; blue represents incomparable quality.

B. Interior Circle

  1. 3 Inner Rings: Red represents "Origin"; Yellow represents "Quality"; Green represents "Value". These rings represent our commitment to using the highest quality raw materials available, pharmaceutical-grade research, and pharmaceutical-grade production.
  2. The Blue Intersection of 3 Rings: Represents Wynlife’s incomparable product value, superior products, and the lifeblood of Wynlife’s business.

  3. Hands: The hands below the three rings represent our mottoes, "Trust & Share" the best quality, and "Protect & Value" our premium products.

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