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Become an International Entrepreneur


Choose Wynlife as your career partner and launch your own global network enterprise! With access to high quality supplements and a lucrative compensation plan you can create your own success.


Qualification Criteria


·    Member IBP: A Member IBP immediately earns the privilege to purchase products at the member price. To obtain Member IBP status, simply complete an IBP Application/Agreement, and submit a US$30 (USA), NT$1,000 (Taiwan), MYR120 (Malaysia) or JPY3,000 (Japan) membership fee. As a Member IBP, you will receive the complete Wynlife Sales Kit as well as a global license to start your Wynlife direct sales business.

·    Silver Level IBP:Member IBP acquires Silver Level IBP status by accumulating PV or maintaining active IBPs within their organization.

·    Gold and Diamond Level IBPs:Silver Level IBP acquires Gold and Diamond status by accumulating PV or sponsoring new IBPs, as well as maintaining active IBPs within their organization.

·    Supervisory, Regional Supervisory and International Executive IBPs: A Diamond Level IBP acquires Supervisory, Regional Supervisory and International Executive status by accumulating PV as well as sponsoring qualified Silver Level and above IBPs.

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