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RF3® Immune Modulator ( PN: 101 )
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Servings: 60

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Reishi or ‘Lingzhi’ is a form of rare mushroom found in nature that has been used in China, Japan, and Korea in traditional herbal medicine for more than 4000 years.  In Chinese, Reishi means “herb of spiritual potency” and due to its many health benefits without side effects, it has earned a reputation in the East as the ultimate herbal substance, a status unmatched by even the most popular and effective herbs such as Cordyceps and red yeast rice. Because of its demonstrated health benefits, Reishi has been included in the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium.

F3 fraction is one of the polysaccharide fractions from Reishi that contains the most potent biological activity. Studies have shown F3 can stimulate the activity and proliferation of umbilical cord stem cells, natural killer cells and macrophages, which are the defenders of the immune system.

• Uses only the most biologically active form of polysaccharides from the Reishi herb, as compared to the crude extracts used by other leading supplement brands.

Wynlife insists on stringent, pharmaceutical-grade standards for research and throughout every stage of the production process.  We firmly believe quality is based on using the highest quality raw materials available, which in turn reflects our product value. Through quality raw materials, pharmaceutical-grade research, and pharmaceutical-grade production Wynlife provides only the safest, most effective products for your health.

U.S. Patent No.7,135,183, No.7,323,176, No.7,560,114, No.7,687,064, No.7,785,600, No.7,947,283, No.8,071,105
Taiwan Patent No.I 281399
Worldwide patents pending.

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Suggested Use:

Take one  capsule in the morning with meal, and another capsule in the evening with meal, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


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Serving Size: 1  Capsule
Servings Per Box: 60

Amount Per Serving
High Molecular Weight Fucose-Containing Glycoproteins and Polysaccharides Extracted from Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum)


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